Frequently Asked Questions

About our Hotel and Policies

Pet Policy

Your household pet is welcome to stay with us in any room.

There is no pet fee for guests.  However, you are responsible for any damage or disturbance your pet may cause during your stay.  We will charge the card on file for any such damages.

You will need to complete the e-verify process in advance of arrival certifying that you are bringing a pet and are aware of this policy.

Check In/Check Out

  • Check In Time is 3:00PM
  • Check Out Time is 11:00AM.

We will not guarantee any early arrivals or late check outs.  If you would like to request one, please contact us a couple days before arrival and we will accommodate as well as we can.

Please note that if you are arriving on a Saturday night, it's likely that your room will not be available until the check in time of 3:00PM as our weekends are frequently sold out during our busy seasons.

Prepayment/ Cancellation

We charge the credit card on file 7 days before arrival for the full amount.  Guests may cancel their rooms without penalty up to 7 days before arrival.  Once we've charged the full deposit, we will not make any refunds.

Guests who wish to pay cash may do so upon arrival and we will refund the card for the amount paid in cash.

Weddings/ Group Blocks

Congratulations on your special event!

We do provide discount codes for special events that you can share with your guests.  We do not block rooms in the hotel for events but we do not require any deposits or contracts either.

Guests can book online or by calling our contact center 24x7 with the code to take advantage of the discount.

To get a code: email us at

Our Facilities

Our guestrooms are located in two buildings.  The rooms in the Inn building are on the second floor accessable via 2 different staircaes.  Rooms in the Chalet are on the first or second floors.

We offer a daily complimentary continental breakfast from 8:00AM to 10:00AM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

The pool is open from May until October.  We adjust open and close dates based on the weather.

Parking is available in front of both the Inn and Chalet buildings.

WiFi and Television

Both are available and complimentary.  WiFi is located in the buildings and throughout the property.  Go to the Catskill Seasons Inn Guest network.  The Password is Theseasons.  TV has been upgraded to HDTV channels.

Our televisions feature HDMI hookups if you want to bring your own devices.  Please note that if you attempt to stream video, it will cause strain on the bandwidth for other guests who also want to use the WiFi.  Some of the TVs are "Smart TVs" but the Smart Functionality has been disabled.

Mobile Phones and Landlines

Our hotel rooms do not have land line phones.  Those with AT&T service will benefit from a tower within proximity to the Inn.  We also have Verizon Boosters in each building so that calls can go through.

For those on other plans, we recommend enabling WiFi calling so you can make and accept calls via the WiFi.  

If you call our main number, when you press option "3", you will be connected to a team member on property or in close proximity.

Chalet Kitchens

For those staying in the chalet (all rooms but 24), there is a kitchenette available.  While the facilities vary slightly from room to room, all rooms have:

  • A smaller size refrigerator and freezer
  • 2 Burner Stove
  • Microwave and Toaster
  • Dishes and utensils for 4
  • A saucepan, frying pan, spoons and spatulas
  • Dish Soap/Sponge/Paper Towels
  • One cup Keurig Machine with K-Cups


Our committment to our guests is that we provide clean and comfortable guestrooms upon arrival.  In keeping with current trends for hotels of our class, we do clean the rooms before arrival and are available to replenish towels, bedding and supplies upon request.  However, we do not go into occupied rooms to refresh unless asked by the guest.  If while on property you need housekeeping services, please contact us and we will accommodate as well as we can.


Our credit card company has recommended that we incorporate an electronic verification system for all our reservations to protect customers from fraud.

10 days before arrival, you will receive an email asking you to complete this process.  Please take a photo of your photo ID and save it to your computer if you're going to complete on a desktop comuputer.  You can take a picture and upload your ID if you complete on a smart phone.

Please email us at if you have any questions on how to complete the process.

Pool Policy

The Swimming facilities at the Catskill Seasons Inn are not supervised by a lifeguard or other responsible person.  In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests.

We are required to notify you of these rules to ensure that water rescue equipment is at the pool and that the swimmingarea is maintained in a sanitary manner.  In the interest of your safety and that of our guests, we require you to follow these rules.

Pleae read the safety rules located at the entrance and outlined in this notice.  If you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

NEVER SWIM ALONE - a minimum of 2 adults 18 years of age or older must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION.  Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied to the bathing facility by a parent or guardian, or similar adult responsible for their safety and behavior.

IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE FACILITY OPERATOR AND CONTACT HELP IMMEDIATELY.  An emergency telephone is provided at this facility. 

Only use this facility during posted hours of operation.

Don't drink alcohol and swim.

Injuries can be prevented and safety is everyone's responsibility.  If you notice any problems with the water quality or the absence of safety equipment, please notify us at once.

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