Planning a Wedding?  Congratulations!

We think about weddings differently at the Catskill Seasons Inn.  


If two people love each other and are ready to rejoice with their friends and family, why must it be expensive and complicated?

We are the venue for those of us who wish to make memories that will last while not draining bank accounts.

We're not for everyone but we are for those who care about genuine experiences more than a whimsical amuse bouche.

Check out our availability and wedding checklist below and contact us to schedule an appointment or book a date.

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2024 Weddings


You're in luck.  Most 2024 dates are available right now.

All available BUT...

  • Weekends of June 14-16 and 21-23 - Under 50 wedding available only
  • Weekend of July 4-7 - Under 50 Wedding Available only
  • Weekend of July 12-14 - Space only available (rooms are all sold)
  • Weekend of August 23-25 - Under 50 wedding available only
  • Weekend of September 20-22 - Under 50 wedding available only

Imagine being the one to tell all your friends about this place you found that was off the beaten path.

The first one gets the best deal.


Under 50 - You'll be sharing the property with other guests staying overnight and using the facilities.  Parts of the property will be dedicated to just your group however, this will not be a full buy out.

Over 50 - Complete buyout.  The property will be all yours.  

You'll need a tent for over 50.  Tents from Sav-On Party Central for 80 people start at $500 plus a $350 set up fee.  More prices are available at Sav-On Party Central

If you're over 100 guests, you'll also need portable restrooms which can be rented easily


Midweek - Sunday to Thursday - 1 night event comprising of a dinner/reception and breakfast the next day.

Weekend - Friday/Saturday - Minimum 2 Nights.  Friday night dinner, breakfast Saturday morning, Saturday evening dinner/reception and breakfast Sunday morning.

Wedding Ceremonies can either be on property or off as you decide.

Food and Beverage


Here are some of the caterers we have discovered in the local area (including us) but feel free to use someone you prefer.  We will need to coordinate with them as it relates to food delivery, holding and serving.



Alcohol is served by the Catskill Seasons Inn.  Our liquor license does not permit "Bring Your Own" beverages.  There is $1000 minimum bar bill plus 8% tax and 20% service charge per meal period (separate from food minimum).  You can either host the bar and beverage service or let your guests buy their own as long as you hit the minimum.



We serve a complimentary continental breakfast each morning for overnight guests.  We can upgrade this to a a hot breakfast for $25 per person plus 8% tax and 20% service charge.

Overnight Rooms

Guest Rooms

Events under 50 must reserve and purchase all 14 chalet rooms at the existing prices less a 10% discount (plus 10% sales/occupancy tax).  This is approximately $8500.

Events over 50 must reserve and purchase all 22 rooms at the existing prices less a 10% discount (plus 10% sales/occupancy tax).  This is approximately $11,700.

Weddings may wish to purchase the rooms on behalf of the guests or have the guests pay their own rooms.  The wedding party will need to pre-pay for all the rooms and tax in advance and the Catskill Seasons Inn will refund the amount received by your guests upon departure.

You will need to assign your guests into the rooms as you see fit and provide us with their contact information.  Guests can contact us in advance to provide credit cards for their rooms.

Here is a document that breaks down the room configurations.  All our rooms have private bathrooms.

If your wedding is under 50 people, this is not a full buyout and other guests may be on property.  The wedding will have to respect the quiet hours and not disturb other guests who will be on property.  We may charge the wedding group with any costs associated with distrubing other guests.

Invite your Family and Friends

Invitations and Wedding Websites

Send a Save the Date and a Wedding Invtation to your family and friends.

We recommend Evite to avoid the cost and complication of ordering custom made invitations and being more sustainable.

Go to: for more details.  

Create a wedding website for all your family and friends to get the details - go HERE for more details


Use them. Don't use them.  Bring you own.  Up to you

Here are some suggestions:


Local Photographer -  Alexa Tumbarello - She's taken most of our property photos.  She's great to work with and is local to the Catskills

Crowd Source your photos - Everyone's got a phone.  Compile that for your memories.  Here are a few links:


Catskill Flower Shop -

Heather Cullen - Cullen Creations -


Based in Kingston, NY -

Paying the Bill

Here's how it all breaks down as it relates to the Catskill Seasons Inn:

1. Deposit - Non Refundable $1000 deposit.  100% to be applied towards your total bill.  This books your dates and makes them unavailable for others.  Should you cancel for any reason, this will not be returned

2.  Overnight Rooms - must be fully prepaid 30 days before arrival.  We will refund you within 7 days post check-out the amount paid by your guests

3. Food and Beverage minimum - Amounts to the Catskill Seasons Inn for the Pub or beverage must be prepaid in full 30 days before the wedding.  14 days before the wedding, we will authorize a credit card for charges based on your guarantee number.

4. Rentals - if you need to rent a tent or extra restrooms, we will rent them and you will pay in advance based on the terms of the rental agreement

5. Event Insurance - this is requred.  One source is HERE

6. That's it.  The rest if up to you.

Scheule an Appointment with our Team

To get started, schedule a Google Meet appointment with us HERE.

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Getting married somewhere else?

We can provide you a discount code for weekends we are not fully reserved for another event.  We do not block rooms unless they are fully prepaid in advance.

There is a 2 night minimum on most weekends

Guests may not reserve more than 2 rooms on each reservation

To get the code, email us at with the wedding couple's names and contact information, the date of the event and the name of the venue and we'll respond within 5 days.

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